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About Jeans

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So I decided to buy the Australian Shepherd Dog. I was searching on the internet every day to find the proper breeding station. There were a lot of stations but I wanted my Aussie with a long tail. There may be a change in docking in the future and I don’t want my unborn dogs to have bans on exhibitions.

I was also searching in Germany but I didn’t like their puppies very much. Also one of the breeding stations wanted us to sign a contract that we had to castrate female dogs. I was really shocked about it, so I started searching again.

I found a lot of stations but there was one in Hungary that really touched my heart. We decided for this station. I had to wait two months before Jeans was born and then another two months before we could have her. We went for her on 15 September 2007. The journey to Hungary was fine, even quicker than we thought. We arrived at midnight – so we passed the night in the car. We went for Jeans in the morning. We could choose from two female dogs. I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. Both of them were equal quality. We decided for Jeans because we liked her colouring much more. She was really cute and kind on our way back home- sitting on my lap and looking out of the window. She checked our flat when we came home. I expected her to whimper during the first night but she was absolutely fine.

After all vaccinations we could go with Jeans to the exercise ground for the first time. It was 4 November 2007. I had to carry her because there was a streamlet on our way there. She wanted to walk then because there were a lot of dogs! Preferably she wanted to jump as high as she could whenever she saw somebody. It was our turn with other young puppies and Jeans liked it very much. We skipped calling because it would last long with other dogs but fetching was perfect. She was on the lead but she was clever – she ran and carried the lead back. She was very good at barking at my command. Then the circle came and Jeans really sparkled. She was barking at the figurants and she wasn’t afraid of anything. She bravely walked home after our first training. Even without my help across the streamlet. She was learning very quickly. What a pity that nobody took a picture of us - maybe next time.

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Jeans started growing a new set of teeth so I have got four little teeth. You can almost see her grow, she likes running best. She has got an untiring type of temperament and I think that most of these dogs have it too. I thought that my Doberman was very vivid but Jeans is a real extreme – especially after walking. I always think that she is tired enough that I can watch a film or just relax but I am always wrong. No surprises when she sleeps during the day and starts being active in the evening. She is also growing her teeth so the best things for biting are my hands in case she hasn’t got her soother. Otherwise she is wonderful – I wouldn’t expect such a nice character. I heard a lot of opinions that they are shy at defence but Jeans is not. She is self-confident in performing defence and she isn’t afraid of shouting or thrusting. On the contrary she likes it more. We can’t bite now because of the teeth but we will start again. Last week I found out that she likes carrying a wooden dumbbell. So we will throw away our rubber stick and start training with the dumbbell. I will let you know how it is going on. She loves it so I hope it will be fine.

So we have got New Year 2008. Jeans enjoyed her first Christmas and she liked it very much. She got a lot of toys that she didn’t know where to start.

At midnight On New Year’s Eve we went for a walk and we had a really nice view on several towns and villages. She didn’t like bumping at first but then she was watching the firework with us. Jeans was full of energy on our way home and she was barking at other dogs behind the fence. We have a surprise for Jeans – we are going to Hungary to buy a puppy – tricoloured Krizzy. So I’m really looking forward to seeing Jeans when Krizzy starts taking her toys. She won’t be the only princess anymore.

Jeans has got a new friend – Krizzy. She is only six months but she behaves like Krizzy’s mum. They play together with her toys. Sometimes Krizzy bites her and she has to slap him little bit but they like each other very much. They like playing in the snow which is really funny for them. Then I’ve got a lot of work to do when they run through the living room with their wet paws. When I start swearing first who runs away is Krizzy. He is really funny like a little bear. They will have their own cote soon. They are really happy outside and don’t want to go home after a walk.

You can almost see Jeans grow. She’s got all new teeth. She is a real madam. Barking at my command, balancing bar, fetching, we are starting with discard in the process. She is really good in training. We are starting tracking next week, so we will see how it is going on.

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 You can almost watch Jeans grow. She celebrated 2 years recently. In the autumn 2008 she passed the „ZZO“ exam in our exercise ground „ZKO“ Boztesice. In the spring she passed the „ZOP“ exam in „ZKO“ Lovosice. I also heard about the sheepdog exam and I decided to pass it with Jeans. When we were walking Jeans, she always liked loooking at the sheep. So we tried it in Podkost. I was very surprised. I did not know that she was so fiery. When one sheep left the flock, Jeans drove it back immediately. Jeans passed another exam – „ZVOP“. From this experience I decided to try working with the sheep and try more difficult exam. Now it is very important to work with Krizzy and Jeans. I would like to breed Jeans with Krizzy in February. It would be nice to have their puppy. I am planning several exams with Jeans, so hopefully we will manage it.

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