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ARCHIV NOVINEK: 2018 2017 | 2016 A STAŠÍ

26178.jpg Thank you for beautiful collages Petra Jedlickova for our breeding dogs.


26174.jpg 17.1.2020 Litter C  8 Years of Happy Birthday.

19242.jpg 15.01.2019  Litter A 9 Years of Happy Birthday 

Today, January 5, 2020 at 11.16 hrs, we had to leave behind the rainbow bridge our Krizzy, who lived a beautiful 12 years and two months. I have no words to break down I let him go with dignity, where he will run with other dogs. Tears are flowing, but I know I have done my best for him and that he is very well right now. R.I.P. Krízzy

26171.jpg 26170.jpg

26172.jpg 26173.jpg


30.12.2019  Litter D celebrates beautiful 7 Years birthday today. All the best .!!!! 19097.jpg

19098.jpg 24.12.2019  Litter G celebrates beautiful 6 Years birthday today. All the best .!!!!



Múza z Husovy Tvrze ( Isabela z Husovy Tvrze x Fatho Le Coeur Pur). Congratulations!!!!

26163.jpg 6.12.2019 Judge Mr. Marian Draganesku(RO). Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS, Junior BIG 1.

26165.jpg 7.12.2019 Judge Mr. Darko Drobnjak(RS). Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, Junior BIG 1. 

26164.jpg 8.12.2019 Judge Mr. Milan Krinke (CZ). Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS

Slovakian young champion 26166.jpg

24118.jpg 4.12.2019 great news original examination Joys Medvedi tlapa  is DNA CEA, PRA, HSF4, CMR1, MDR1, CD, locus D, NCL6, MH, HUU, DM for all clear Congratulations !!!!

Kasso Medvedi tlapa 2 Years HD, ED, OCD, PL, Spine OK.!!!!!!!! 25231.jpg



10.11.2019 Krízzy  celebrates beautiful 12 Years birthday today. All the best .!!!! 24930.jpg





4.11.2019.  Litter K celebrates beautiful 2 Years birthday today. All the best .!!!! 24648.jpg 24649.jpg

Kasso 2 Years 24651.jpg 24650.jpg

24656.jpg 24655.jpg


13.10.2019.  Litter J celebrates beautiful 3 Years birthday today. All the best .!!!! 19110.jpg

Jack 3 Years
24644.jpg 24646.jpg

24647.jpg 24645.jpg

24239.jpg 17.9.2019  Litter L celebrates beautiful 1Year  birthday today. All the best .!!!!

24643.jpg 27.6.2019 Garry Medvedi tlapa passed the canistherapy exam

14.6.2019 Litter I celebrates beautiful fourth birthday today. All the best .!!!!

24632.jpg 24630.jpg

24628.jpg 24634.jpg

24637.jpg 10.6.2019 our mare was born the first beautiful foal. Stallion named Regally Inner Greggo, color grullo / tovero with blue eye. Both his parents tested on 6 panel with excellent N / N result. Father: Sparklin Tide Greggo , Mother Mystic Antique Rose



24626.jpg 9.6.2019 Black Jack Medvedi tlapa became European coursing champion in senior category. Huge congratulations !!!!

19146.jpg 21.5.2019 Litter B 8 Years of Happy Birthday 




19156.jpg 6.05.2019  Litter F 6 Years of Happy Birthday.

19166.jpg 28.4.2019 Litter E 6 Years of Happy Birthday.

28.4.2019 Litter CH 5 Years of Happy Birthday. 19168.jpg

24615.jpg 29.4.2019 Today Lesan left for his new home. Happy life in the new family

19287.jpg 20.4.2019 Litter H 5 Years of Happy Birthday.

24616.jpg 18.3.2019 super report Black Jack Medvedi tlapa  passed herding test IHT1.  Big  congratulation !!!!!!

24614.jpg 17.1.2019 Litter C 7 Years of Happy Birthday.

19242.jpg 15.01.2019  Litter A 8 Years of Happy Birthday 


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