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I have always loved dogs since I was a little child but as we lived in a block of flats my parents didn't want a dog in our flat. Even though my father is a gamekeeper we never had a dog when I lived with them. I couldn't even have a hunting dog. Every year my parents used to go in Moravian in Medlov to meet our relatives. I liked it there. I used to play with our neighbour's doggy.

Then my uncle bought a black German Shepherd Dog and I used to play only with him.


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Then I was growing up and I was looking forward to having my own dog. I used to know every dog by name in our neighbourhood. Even I used to borrow the dogs for a walk. I always loved to meet our relatives because all of them had a dog in the house. Most of all I liked my aunt in Poplze. Her son Pavel had a German Shepherd Dog, Gunar. I don't remember the station address. I liked him very much - he was brindled but mainly he was evil. I used to look at him through the top window of the door and he really hated it. He was jumping on the door and barking angrily. I never thought we would ever be inseparable friends. Several years passed and Pavel had to join the army. I remember how he was cuddling Gunar. It was not an easy period for him. His father died and he had to say goodbye to his faithful friend for two years. I was looking at them behind the fence and I thought that I was dreaming when Pavel shouted at me. It was a big thing for me to come to that evil dog. I wasn't afraid, it was a compliment for me because none of my cousins could come to Gunar. I said to Pavel that I could take care of Gunar, walk him and go to the exercise ground.

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 So we were starting to get used to each other and when I came to see my aunt again, Gunar welcomed me joyfully. That was really beautiful. I started walking Gunar and we started going to the exercise ground Poplze later on. What I liked most was that Gunar didn't want anyone to come closer to us. When people saw him they crossed the street immediately. During that time we used to play with the dogs and friends from the exercise ground. We - 16-year-old - liked it very much. Pavel got a military leave half a year later and he came home. At first Gunar didn't want to let him go home but suddenly he remembered him and welcomed him cheerfully. Pavel was surprised how quickly Gunar forgot him. Gunar was getting older and he started having problems with walking.

My birthday was coming up and I decided to buy a German Shepherd Dog. My mum asked me what I wanted on my 19th birthday. I answered that I bought a puppy! He was black and brindled and his name was Bard Slapari. My parents were shocked at first but I made a cote where Bard could stay. So Bard was my first dog and he became darling of my whole family. We started visiting a cynological club in Usti nad Labem - Bukov. Bard passed "ZM" exam and we continued with training. Then I was pregnant with twins. We weren't able to manage the children and the dog. So my dream had to be sold. I sold him back to the breeder. You can't imagine how I felt. We got a flat in a year and I was thinking about another dog. I was interested in Dobermans. Dobermans with the papers were very expensive at that time. So I bought one without the papers. I am still sorry that Dag (that was his name) didn't have the papers. He loved exercising - tracks, performing obedience and especially performing defence. He passed all the exams that dogs without the papers could. I believe that we could be in the championship but he couldn't be there without the papers. You can read the same about my breeding female dog Daissy from Metylovice in this link.

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I bought Daissy two years after Dag. She had puppies four times and she passed many exams. I have been trying to do as much as possible with my dogs in the sport cynology and I got the evaluation of the skilled trainer of the 3rd grade. I act as a skilled trainer in the cynological club in Boztesice in Usti nad Labem for a longer time

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I am very happy when my wards are successfully passing the exams.  


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