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About Krizzy

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So we have got a new puppy at home. We went for Krizzy on 5 January 2007. We chose the same breeding station in Hungary - Silver Dream. We took Jeans with us. The breeder admired her, checked her teeth and then we left her in the garden with the other Aussies. They brought Krizzy - he looked like a grizzly - really wonderful. They wanted to keep him but they knew that he would be absolutely alright with us. So they kept his sister... Krizzy was really active on our way home. He wet my blanket three times and he tried to get into the bag with his feed. He nibbled everything in the car, even he started with the leather seats. He also familiarized himself with Jeans. Krizzy was hungry when we got home. I gave him his feed. Jeans had to hurry up with her feed when she saw how Krizzy was rapid. They also checked whether they have got the same food. Jeans was really helpful with Krizzy. She let him to do everything, even to eat from the same bowl, they played together. Sometimes I had to calm them down. It was really funny yesterday. Jeans got an ear but Krizzy was so quick that he stole the ear and started to bark but it didn't help. So finally they were both eating the same ear.

You can almost see Krizzy grow. He will be four months soon and he is really active. He doesn't take pity on Jeans when they are playing together. I'm starting to leave them in their cote for a while. I think they really like it and don't want to be home. I tried to tug of war with Krizzy - he was crazy about it. It is really important that he is interested in biting. He also went through almost all kinds of vaccines and I'm really looking forward to going to the exercise ground with him. I believe that he will be as successful as Jeans. The Aussies are perceptive and clever and they learn very quickly. We are preparing them for their first exhibition in Ceske Budejovice. Jenas is also taking part but in a different category.

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We were in the exercise ground with Krizzy a month ago. The way across the streamlet was the same as with Jeans. Krizzy really liked it there. He was calmer than Jeans but behaved like an adult dog. We performed successful calling, barking at my command,, he was also good at walking underfoot. Krizzy also liked barking at figurants. You can see that he is the puppy and will leave his roguishness until his doggy puberty. They are in one cote when we are training. I thought it would be a problem to leave one of them in the cote and work with the other one. But it works well.

Krizzy is starting questing the footsteps and he is also starting with fractional footsteps. He likes it very much, especially when he finds something toothsome at the end. We started performing obedience according to the exams „ZZO“ and „ZM“. He manages long-lasting put-off in 15 steps. He also doesn’t mind shooting with obedience. He barks very well during performing defence, he starts learning to run round the maquettes. We also started barking with following overhang at the shooting-ground, only with handle-bars for the time being. We have to refine firm bites and then we can think about the sleeves. We start biting three times per week, so we will see how it is going on.

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Krizzy enjoys the exercise very much. He likes everything, questing the footsteps, performing obedience and defence. We decided to pass the „ZM“ exam in „ZKO“ Boztesice when he was 12 months old. This exams involves the footsteps, performing obedience and defence. Couple of days later we passed the „ZZO“ exam in „ZKO“ Litomerice. This exam involves performing obedience and special exercises. Then the winter started. We could not practice the footsteps, so we only performed obedience and defence. Krizzy also won the competition of Australan Shepherds in the „KCHBO“ club – the best working dog of the year 2008 in the sports training. Finally the spring started and we could pass the „ZOP“ exam in „ZKO“ Krupka. This exam involves performing obedience twice (once with the guidance and then without the guidance) and special exercises. As I saw how good he is, I decided to pass the „BH“ exam in three weeks. So we started to train. He had problems only with the exercise „down with calling“. But I was not surprised. First of all I taught him command „down and stay“ until I come and order „sit“ and then I wanted him to come. It took me an effort to teach him this command. Krizzy passed the „BH“ exam in „ZKO“ Duchcov. This exam involves more difficult obedience and special exercises. One month later we passed the „ZPU1“ exam in our exercise ground. This exam involves questing the footsteps, performing obedience without guidance and special exercises. Krizzy passed 5 exams in his 18 months which is a really successful achievement. Now we are starting to train for the exam „ZV1“ and very difficult „ZPU2“. So we will see how it is going on.

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